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The Best of Sicily - Past Travelers' Comments

Want to know what it’s like to travel with Tuscany Tours?

Here is some feedback from past travelers on The Best of Sicily Tour:

I have to say our guides, Federica & Giulia, were wonderful.  They were fun, knowledgeable, caring, helpful, always accommodating, I can't say enough about either of them.

We chose this tour to see & hear about the history of Sicily, and Tuscany Tours delivered a trip filled with warmth, unexpected treasures, and unique experiences along the way.  The trip was well-planned, comprehensive and lots of fun.  Professional and organized beyond expectation.

My wife and I are just so, so happy that we chose Tuscany Tours.  Hopefully we'll be able to do it again at some point.

Charles and Kathy Farinella, Best of Sicily, October 2023

travelers on Sicily tour

Sicily turned out to be a fabulous combination of history, scenery and great food. The hotels were all outstanding - this was the first time we've stayed at a hotel with a room that included a private pool! The hotel in Taormina had a terrific location, where you felt as if you were suspended over a deep valley. The guided tours of the historical sites were highlights - especially the Valley of the Temples. The special dining events were, as usual, outstanding. It's impossible to point out a single meal for recognition, they were all great. Even the rest stops along the highways stood out!

This was our third trip with Tuscany Tours and we had a great time.

Jim and Connie Kennedy, Best of Sicily, May 2023

Best of Tuscany travelers

The Tuscany Tours team did an excellent job of organizing, planning and facilitating The Best of Sicily Tour.  Sam and Federica were amazing tour hosts and guides, and their management styles complemented each other very well.

The tour offered a perfect balance of history, architecture, food, wine and music.  Taormina was our favorite destination due to its positioning along the coast.  Loved the specialty tasting of Sicilian chocolates.  Lunch and Wine Tasting and music at Micaela's villa was so amazing and memorable, we felt like royalty there.  Mt. Etna, and honey tasting, and the final group dinner and drinks was amazing too.

Steve Wright and Bruce Gillispie, Best of Sicily, May 2023

Best of Sicily travelers

We have traveled with Tuscany Tours on several occasions over the years, and they consistently provide an incredible experience. Their guides are terrific—very knowledgeable and just fun to be with!  And we have been fortunate enough to meet some terrific people on our trips that have become very dear and good friends.

We would highly recommend traveling with Tuscany Tours. You too will become repeat customers!

Delena and Vince Coby, Best of Sicily, September 2022

Best of Sicily travelers

This is my second trip with Tuscany Tours and it was just as spectacular and charming as the first. I went for the history of Sicily and was met with very knowledgeable tour guides and locations, like the Valley of the Temples, that were beyond description. The food and wine were fabulous, and Sam and Federica were great to explain and elaborate on the foods and traditions of Sicily. The final evening meal was served by a precious family restaurant that made us feel like treasured guests in their home. Thanks Sam, Pam, and Federica!

Cindy Gill, Best of Sicily, October 2017

First of all the itinerary was terrific combined with precise timing regarding scheduling of tours, meals, and departure & arrival times. We had local guides for in-depth tours, free time to explore, and the Tuscany Tours Team filling in with their knowledge of the area as well.

Traveling with Pam, Sam and Federica was a very delightful experience from the historical tours to the Sicilian food. Everything was planned with such care!

Johanna & John Abahoonie, Best of Sicily, March 2017

Surprisingly the architecture and the charming cathedrals and churches amazed us. Experiencing the various cultural dishes, wines, and music made the trip absolutely incredible. My most favourite part of the trip though, were the guides - the local guides were knowledgeable, Fede was passionate and a joy to be around with her constant smile and exuberance, Pam is a bundle of laughter, hugs and a beautiful lady - inside and out - she displays a warmth, charm and caring heart no matter the circumstance - and Sam is a wealth of history and stories that add dimension to an already wonderful adventure.

Travelling with Tuscany Tours is always an adventure in experiencing the best of a country.  Sicily was a kaleidoscope of delectable foods, fine wines, magnificent architecture and wonderful new friendships  - all expertly guided by Tuscany Tours.  We’ve travelled far and wide - and Tuscany Tours always surpasses our expectations - they truly are the best!

Gerry & Carole Hogervorst, Best of Sicily, March 2017

Loved all the places we went, starting big and going smaller, having guides for each place, not having to plan anything. The folk group at the restaurant was such a nice surprise. I also like the impromptu meals we had together as a group with Sam and Fede joining us.

What a wonderful relaxing trip with the best scenery, history, food, wine and people without having to plan a thing! I would not travel with any other tour company. Thanks Sam, Pam and Fede and all the people behind the scenes!

Wendy & Matt Crabbe, Best of Sicily,  October 2017

Tuscany Tours does a wonderful job of packaging all the essentials and incorporating the unique in an experiential trip like none other.  I highly recommend this organization to anyone interested in traveling abroad!

Barry & Deb Shultz, Best of Sicily, October 2016

I would describe this trip as “a very personal experience”. Traveling with Tuscany Tours is like traveling with family. The feeling of comradery with Sam, Pam, and Federica was unequaled. On this Sicily trip, we were introduced to many delightful Italians and Sicilians who shared with us beautiful and wondrous sights and “gastronomico” experiences in Sicily.

Sharon Pardue, Best of Sicily, October 2016

Thank you Sam & Pam for doing a great job of being our tour guides to Sicily.  Thanks for being relaxed even though I know it has got to be hectic.  Thank y'all for setting up great meals.  Thank y'all for the great accommodations.  Thanks for getting us from one point to the other.  Thanks for caring about each traveler.  

Normally being a single traveler I pay more & get the worst room, but all my rooms were nice double rooms.  The room in Siracusa was the nicest I have ever had with a large balcony, a large sitting room, a nice bedroom & marble bathroom.  The staff at all the hotels were nice & helpful.  All the hotels provided a good breakfast.

Have been to Italy twice. Plan to return again this year, but would return again to Sicily to see things I missed & even see things I saw again.

Mike Cacioppo, Best of Sicily, March 2015

Tuscany Tours’ Sicily Trip was just splendid in every way. Each aspect seemed to be a highlight: the local guides, the meals, the wine, the hotels, the actual travel from place to place; even the weather cooperated! And Sicily is truly not to be missed by any traveler; it is exquisite. I have great admiration for the organizational skills, attention to detail, and appreciation of excellence that both Pam and Sam possess. I also liked that we got enough “down time” where we could go off and wander on our own. I am so impressed with Tuscany Tours that I’m about to sign up for another trip. Yay!

Valerie Smith, Best of Sicily, March 2015

I would highly recommend Tuscany Tours for a memorable and relaxing vacation.  I never thought that I would go on a group tour.  It was my first time taking a vacation with a tour group and Sam and Pam made it a fantastic experience.  I didn’t have to worry about driving, logistics, opening hours of sites, or planning meals; everything was taken care of.  Sam and Pam were the warmest, most thoughtful, and knowledgeable guides / hosts.  The itinerary was a good pace and balance of time with the group and time on our own.  We visited beautiful sites and learned from outstanding guides about the history and culture of the area.  Each day we had an amazing, special meal planned for us at exquisite local restaurants.  Pam took the time to share with us about the traditional cuisine and I tried many foods that I never would have ordered on my own.  Sam and Pam were also very accommodating to individual needs, such as special dietary needs / preferences, if there were specific sites or places that people wanted to see on their own, etc.  It was a wonderful trip.

Jennifer Mager, Best of Sicily, March 2015

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