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The Best of Sicily - Tour Overview

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean.  Its resources and its location made it a tempting target through the centuries.  There are few places on earth that have been conquered as many times as Sicily by its many different neighbors.  Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Moors, Normans and Spaniards were among the many cultures that left their mark.  Thanks to all of them, Sicily today has a richness of cultural layers and a heritage whose diversity is simply amazing!

Our journey begins in Palermo where you'll see exotic fountains, Baroque churches and palazzos of extraordinary beauty right next door to crumbling buildings that were bombed in the last war and haven't been touched since.   There are many European cities that are more elegant and prosperous, but you'll be hard pressed to find one that's nearly as fascinating!

Over our years of traveling in Sicily we’ve made friends with many guides, restaurant owners, hotel owners—and musicians!  We're especially fond of a unique group of young people who are intent on keeping traditional Sicilian music alive.  You will meet them when they play for us at the seaside restaurant in a little fishing village just outside Palermo.

On the south shore of the island, you will see the best preserved Greek temples in the world in a spectacular setting of olive and almond trees against a backdrop of blue sea and sky.

As we travel from Agrigento to Taormina, we'll stop near Piazza Armerina to visit the Villa Romana del Casale.  Unlike Pompeii, where the mosaics have all been removed and taken to the archaeology museum in Naples, this villa from the 4th century has the best preserved onsite Roman mosaics in Western Europe including 40 rooms and over 37,000 square fee of mosaics!  Enjoy lunch in Piazza Armerina on your own, and then we'll continue to Taormina.  With its breathtaking views of Mt. Etna and its picturesque streets, Taormina is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Italy.

We'll explore the fascinating Baroque town of Ortigia in Siracusa in the southeast sector of the island.  We'll end the week's adventures with a morning hike on the slopes of Mount Etna!

As we travel across the island we'll be enjoying Sicily's fine wines and exceptional cuisine.  Be forewarned that when you return home, you will experience severe cravings for seafood, caponata and cannoli that will remain unfulfilled until your next visit here!

“Tuscany Tours’ Sicily Trip was just splendid in every way. Each aspect seemed to be a highlight: the local guides, the meals, the wine, the hotels, the actual travel from place to place; even the weather cooperated! And Sicily is truly not to be missed by any traveler; it is exquisite. I have great admiration for the organizational skills, attention to detail, and appreciation of excellence that both Pam and Sam possess. I also liked that we got enough “down time” where we could go off and wander on our own. I am so impressed with Tuscany Tours that I’m about to sign up for another trip. Yay! ( - Val Smith )

view over Taormina and Mount Etna
Immersion Journeys in Italy, France and Spain
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