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Pam Mercer and Sam Hilt, a couple from Sonoma County, California, visited Tuscany for the first time in 1991. We fell in love with the landscapes, the art, the amazing food and, most of all, the generous and warm Italian people. After our first taste of Italy, we kept coming back every summer, and stayed as long as we could…

Meanwhile, Sam was working toward his doctorate in art history, and he wrote his dissertation on Florentine Renaissance art. In 1997 a friend of ours—who was a graduate school dean and knew of our passion for Tuscany—invited us to lead her school’s annual alumni tour. 
By that time, we had spent enough time living in Tuscany to know exactly what we wanted to share with our first group of travelers. So we chose our favorite restaurants, most interesting guides, great hotels, special places to visit—and that was the beginning of Tuscany Tours! 
Arno Ponte Vecchio Uffizi Florence
Annual Village Festival Asciano Tuscany
Wine Tasting Room at Ricasoli Vineyards
Tuscany Tours grew slowly and steadily from that first summer tour in Florence to a company that leads a dozen scheduled tours every year and plans trips for hundreds of clients to various destinations throughout Italy and France.

Our business has grown organically. When we get interested in a new region, we read up on it, we pick our friends’ brains, we spend a while hanging out and exploring. We take advantage of the network that we’ve developed over the past 20 years to open doors for us, and one thing leads to another. Then, we devote time to deciding what to include and what to leave out; what's the ideal sequence for introducing the various venues and places of interest; what's enough for a given day and what's too much. Our goal is to put all the pieces together in the way that creates the most stimulating and rewarding experience possible for our travelers.

We now live in Tuscany where we have been adopted into the life of a tiny, beautiful medieval village. Over time the guides, the drivers, the people in the restaurants and hotels and wineries, have become our friends. 

When you travel with us you step into our real lives, and you enter into a web of relationships with some remarkable, gifted people that we are privileged to know.  

If you've always avoided tours because you didn't want to be herded around by people trying to stick to an overloaded schedule, give us a try.

We offer something very different.

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Amalfi Coast
Northern Italy
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Immersion Journeys in Italy, France and Spain
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