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Here is some feedback from past travelers on The Best of Amalfi Coast tour:

Thank you thank you thank you Tuscany Tours for an amazing time on the Amalfi Coast. We knew it would be a great trip, but you exceeded our expectations! The food, the wine, the great company, the amazing scenery that even the cloudy weather couldn't hide.....I could go on and on! Keep doing what you do! Thanks again. Best trip of our lives. You deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Chris & Chuck Nunan - October 2015

Tuscany Tours does an excellent job of engaging its clients in the history, culture, and wonderful foods of the regions they serve in Italy. Their small group approach also allows their clients to get to know each other at a deeper level and form new friendships while enjoying these new experiences together. We recommend Tuscany Tours to everyone we know who is pursuing a trip to Italy.

Barry & Deb Shultz, September 2017

The Best of Amalfi Coast tour was an excellent experience. It was a well-run, small group tour with very attentive and knowledgeable guides who were instrumental in helping the group bond from the outset. The settings were beautiful, the group activities very interesting, the food beyond compare. We were very impressed with how attentive Pam and Toni were to everyone in the group and how instrumental they were in helping the group bond as well as it did. Their enthusiasm, flexibility and attention to detail helped make the trip special. Kudos to Pam for making everything go so smoothly and for being attentive to everyone. Our second guide, Toni, a food and wine aficionado, was also outstanding. Her knowledge of Italian cuisine and its regional variations was enlightening and her enthusiasm unbounded. It was fun to have a guide so much in love with Italy! We look forward to traveling with Tuscany Tours again…

Hugo & Anna Marie Finarelli – September 2015

We have taken four trips with Tuscany Tours and highly recommend them.  Every day is new and wonderful, beginning with sumptuous breakfasts at lovely hotels, and followed by culturally enriching activities.  There is free time for further exploration, a calming rest, or coffee at a local cafe.  Each day includes a meal at a carefully selected local establishment that showcases the variety of Italian food, as well as offering local regional specialties and wines.   Having lived in Italy for many years now, Pam and Sam are knowledgeable about all facets of Italy, and have a large group of friends who open their houses, wineries, and restaurants to those of us traveling with them.  Days are never rushed, but offer true cultural experiences and the opportunity to experience Italy well beyond the usual tourist offerings.  Experienced, professional local guides provide historical city information in a friendly and relaxed setting, and are very happy to answer questions and provide as much information as the group wishes.

We have been extremely pleased with each of our trips, and the Amalfi Coast was no exception.  The small group size added to the camaraderie developed over days of travel, food and conversation, and allowed access to special sites not available to larger groups.  Pam and Sam carefully and thoughtfully review and select museums, churches, gardens, restaurants and wineries for stops; they are flexible with the day's itinerary and are willing to add an early morning market visit, or an unplanned stop for coffee or an aperitif.  They offer suggestions for local foods and wines, or additional activities such as musical programs in churches, and specialty shops to visit during free time.

Travel along the Amalfi coast was beautiful, with stunning views and stops in ancient towns including Pompeii, where we enjoyed a very in-depth, unhurried visit with our guide.

Ravello and its gardens, colorful Positano perched on a hill, and exquisite Capri with its blue sea, boat rides and handmade sandals, all created an unforgettable vacation in one of the most beautiful spots in the world.  Traveling with Pam and Sam is traveling with friends.   They want visitors to love and appreciate Italy as much as they do. We highly recommend these trips.

Karen Boucias & George Jacobsen – 6X Travelers, October 2014

Traveling with Tuscany Tours was wonderful. Their attention to detail to bring the best experience of the Amalfi coast was top notch. The hotels were charming, comfortable and well located. The meals were delicious...fresh and local. The trip was so well organized and planned that it felt effortless for Gary and me.

We do believe that much of the credit is due to Pam and Jamie. Jamie was especially attentive, accommodating and helpful.  We appreciated that she shared her knowledge of the regions wine and olive oil. Pam and Jamie were a lot of fun too! They immediately helped us feel comfortable with them and everyone on the tour.

Gary and Angel Weyant – October 2019

There were many aspects of my tour with Pam and Sam that were special, and I note a few here.  Every place we went, whether a wonderful restaurant or a special shop, we were greeted like family.  It was clear that Sam and Pam have created wonderful relationships with some of the shop and restaurant owners, and as a result, we were the lucky beneficiaries! In every spot, at every turn, Pam and Sam ensured our trip was memorable, the sights magnificent, and the food outstanding.  I think their tour was the best I have been on and look forward to traveling with them again!

Roberta Gernhardt, October 2016

First, this was another great tour just as expected from Pam and Sam. The Amalfi coast scenery is truly beautiful. The first night's drinks at sunset at the hotel in Sorrento was unbelievable. And I appreciated the transportation up and down the hillside in Positano that Pam and Sam arranged for me. The personal attention is what makes their tours special.

Kathy & Ivan Hurwitz, October 2016

A visit to the Amalfi Coast was a must for my daughter, Alisha and me. Tuscany Tours did not disappoint. Even though we have traveled to Italy and other countries with large tour groups, there was something special about traveling with a smaller group, sharing experiences that wouldn’t be possible with a large group. The time spent in Ravello, had us yearning to take up residence in this quaint charming town, removed from the crowds that most tour groups offer. A visit to the Villa Maria Cooking School where we prepared our meal for the evening as well as making mozzarella, was a highlight. Tuscany Tours offers flexibility in the agenda, taking in the desires of the clients, and not just what the hosts have planned. Tuscany Tours picked only the best in hotels, restaurants, and knowledgeable city tour guides. Sam and Pam take extra steps along the way to make each guest feel as if they are cherished family members.

Linda and Alisha Jones – October 2016

The trip to the Amalfi Coast with Tuscany Tours will surround you with the sights and life of a unique part of Italy. From the sea, to mountain vineyards...there is so much to absorb. We loved this trip!! As always, staying in either boutique hotels, or unique locations, has always been a positive. Choices of restaurants, and food...outstanding as usual. The highlights of this particular trip were the chair lift ride, the cooking school, and the trip to the San Francesco Winery/meeting one of the owners. All of these were such fun!!!!

Dennis and Susan Lippincott – October 2019

I just wanted to let you know once again how much we enjoyed our Amalfi Coast experience.   Just as our trip with you to Tuscany 5 years ago, it was the perfect blend of structured time with wonderful guides, personal time, not to mention the charming hotels and of course, the magnificent food.  In addition, this time, a bonus (at least for John and I) was the fellow group members who were a delight.   The group dynamics was so special - not only did we get along well, but we developed special attachments so that saying good-bye was most definitely bittersweet.   When you said this type of experience is like summer camp for adults, you hit the nail on the head.  I also heard you mention on the …that you enjoyed hearing from all of us that we arrived home safely (and happy) and then you could visualize "sending us off" to resume our lives.  I totally understand that and I think we are very lucky to have someone who actually invests part of herself to the people you meet on a daily basis.  I know John and I have been blessed to know you.

John & Rita Hvirnyak - April 2016

Because we had never been on a travel tour previously, before I booked our tour with Tuscany Tours, I asked several friends what they liked and disliked about [other companies’ tours they had taken].  Everyone said that they got to see more than they would have on their own, but that they weren't able to have more time on their own if something interested them.  I don't know if Tuscany Tours purposely balances time to keep the group busy and time to let them be on their own, or if we just got lucky.  All I know is that we always had enough time to do what we wanted to do.  Our guide, Toni, was entertaining, informative, told wonderful stories and was always happy…..And Pam and Toni together made it look so easy.  I cannot imagine entertaining a group for 8 days, sometimes having to adjust the plans because of something unforeseen and have every day be better than the day before. …..  Our tour with Tuscany Tours was a trip of a lifetime for us.  We are so glad that we chose Tuscany Tours.  To sum up:  First class, lots and lots of fun, very educational, not one disappointment!

Kathy & Bob Pratl – September 2015

Karen was on your Tuscany tour before we became a serious couple.   She spoke highly of Pam and Sam and the lifetime of memories she acquired.  I am one of those travelers that likes to find my own way but agreed to join her on your Best of Amalfi Coast tour.   It was soon very evident that I would probably need to visit Amalfi 3 or 4 times before I could really focus on relaxing and just enjoying what Amalfi had to offer.  Presto!  Your tour make that happen on my first visit.

I could see that you carefully planned each day, meal, hotel and site visit.   Somehow you provided us with plenty of free time to ourselves.   We didn't feel like we were rushing through each day.  The tour guides that you chose for us were top notch and the dining establishments were equally well chosen.   When we walked into the restaurant we felt like we were old welcome friends being served their best meals and wines they had to offer…..   Walking the streets of the ancient city of Pompeii left me feeling like I was actually alive during the Roman empire.  It felt much more real than anything I experienced in Rome.  And finally, you saved the best for last with Capri. There really isn't another place like it.  It’s a perfect ending to a perfect trip!

John Evanoff & Karen Kenney – June 2014

Pam, Sam, and company make any trip simply amazing! It’s no wonder Tuscany Tourists leave yearning to return and spend more time with Pam and Sam discovering new adventures.

John & Brenda Morris - October 2014

I think we got the feel of the Amalfi Coast. I liked the sites we visited as a group especially the gardens in Ravello and Pompeii. ….And then there was the food and wine. (What a perfect way to celebrate our 49th anniversary!) A very congenial and interesting group and the size was optimal. It’s a trip that has continued in our minds and we talk about it often. It was a great chemistry. The guide in Pompeii was fabulous …. she had the ability to make the city come alive and I could almost smell that fast food and hear the chariots on the street. Thank you, thank you for the wonderful time, Pam and Sam. I’m glad I came back.

Linda & Dick Wolk – June 2014

I have taken 2 different tours with Pam and Sam and I have recommended them to several people. The Amalfi coast is one of the most breath-taking areas in the world. The winding roads along the coast are one of a kind and unbelievable.  The town of Positano captivated me with its beauty... The Isle of Capri is a Italian treasure, the chair lift to the top of the Isle is another highlight to the entire trip.  I have to say that all of Italy has my heart but the Amalfi Coast has my soul.

Sarah Russell – June 2014

Immersion Journeys in Italy, France and Spain
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