Immersion Journeys in Italy, France and Spain

The Best of Barcelona and Andalusia:
Tour Overview

Featuring Barcelona, Seville, Cordoba and Granada

This travel adventure is packed full of mysterious and wonderous sites from Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia in Barcelona to the Alhambra in Granada!

Art Nouveau got its inspiration from nature. The Bauhaus got its inspiration from engineering... Gaudí had inspiration already, and nature showed him God’s engineering.”
       -J. O’Rourke, “God’s Engineer” from the September 2011 issue of the Atlantic magazine.

We’ll visit the Gaudi sites in central Barcelona, the Gothic Quarter and Park Güell before traveling south to Sevilla in Andalusia.

“Most people are completely bowled over by their first sight of Moorish  Spain: the coutryards and gardens of Granada’s Alhambra, Cordoba’s Great Mosque, the elegant tower of La Giralda in Sevilla.  There’s a different beauty in the worlds of al-Andalus, a beauty unique in the world.”

- Dana Facaros and Michael Pauls – Andalucia Cadagon Guide

In the Andalusian city of Seville, we’ll visit the King’s Royal Palace (the Alcazar) and the largest Cathedral in the world, and we’ll learn how to make Salmorejo and Paella Valenciana in our private cooking class.  We’ll experience the ancient dance of flamenco being performed by the men and women whose passion keeps it alive.

We’ll discover the “art” of eating tapas.

“Tapas, although usually accompanied by wine, are more about talking and eating than about drinking. The wine elevates the conversation and helps hold the friends and food together, but the primary purpose of tabas is to talk to friends, share gossip, perhaps discuss the latest follies of the policiticans. Tapas are part of the communal life…"

- To the Heart of Spain; Ann and Larry Walker


Next we’ll explore the beauty of Cordoba, and then we'll finish with the splendor of the Alhambra in Granada.  Join us as we travel to the heart of Spain!

Immersion Journeys in Italy, France and Spain
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