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Enchanting Northern Italy -
Past Travelers' Comments

Want to know what it’s like to travel with Tuscany Tours?

Here is some feedback from past travelers on the Enchanting Northern Italy Tour: 

We have experienced Tuscany Tours four times now and it's always a "Trip of a Lifetime".  As usual, Tuscany Tours comes thru with another winner!  We fully enjoyed our trip.
Best of Northern Italy was attended by fantastic, interesting people.  We loved seeing sites we have always dreamed of, guided by Ben who took exceptional care of all of us!

Thank you for growing and exceeding your standards, trip after trip!

Ed & Debbie Hughes, Best of Northern Italy, October 2023

Northern Italy 2023 past travelers

Ben is easily the best tour guide I've experienced.
I've traveled a lot, with guides on 4 continents and about a dozen countries--Ben is the best I've seen.

JJ Nelson, Best of Northern Italy, October 2023

Northern Italy 2023 past travelers

Benjamin, our main tour guide was great, and the local tour guides were wonderful.  They were all so knowledgeable of the history and the fun facts about the areas visited.
I really loved our trip to Torcello and the food at the Locanda.  Also, it was amazing having Beatrice sing to us in the Gondola in Venice!

I also loved the class on how to make tortellini at the restaurant in Borghetto. The mother & daughter pair, at the restaurant were great.  And not to leave out the Arena in Verona—beautiful at night, all lit up.  Bellagio and the Villas in Lake Como, can't be missed.

Above all, we had a wonderful, caring group, and all got along great. I'll love to go on another Tuscany Tours trip.

Catherine Vincent, Best of Northern Italy, October 2023

Northern Italy 2023 past travelers

We've taken many tours through the years, and the Tuscany Tours Northern Italy experience we just completed is by far the best.   Our wonderful tour leaders, Ben and Ludovica, quickly made our group feel like family, and that enhanced our enjoyment of the tour.

The boat tour of Lake Como was very educational and enjoyable. We especially liked the "hands on" experiences: The Murano glassworks, the Beatriz gondola ride and the tortellini-making demonstration.  I wish every traveler could have the same type of experience we had in the gondolas with Beatriz singing as we wended our way through the canals.

From the careful choice of sights, hotels and restaurants to the wonderful guidance and assistance of staff, Tuscany Tours ensures that your time in their care will be highly enjoyable, educational and memorable.  We're eager to put our travel plans in their hands again soon.

Chris Funk and Rhonda Stone, Northern Italy, October 2022

Northern Italy Past Travelers 2022

Best of Northern Italy is fast-paced and filled with delightful experiences, stunning scenery, and fascinating history. Nevertheless, thanks to Tuscany Tour's excellent hosts who somehow think of everything (!) the tour is worry-free and relaxing. That's quite an accomplishment!


We'll never forget Villa Carlotta's gardens or the delightful luncheon in Verona.  We loved the restaurant in Bellagio at which our guide's (Anna Maria) husband is chef and took the time to greet us. Also, we loved our serenaded gondola ride with Beatrice.

Ludo and Ben were great hosts.  All the guides were first-rate, extremely knowledgeable and fun to be with, and it was wonderful to see Pam again.

And I bought two fantastic pairs of shoes at the Geox store in Verona!

Genevieve Pluhowski, Northern Italy, October 2022

Northern Italy past travelers 2022

The trip was fabulous, with unique and welcoming hotels ideally located to allow for personal exploring in your free time. The tour offers a wide cross-section of interesting places in each area - from historical sites to wineries to points of geographic interest to cultural activities - and walking within each area gives a more authentic feel for the area.

Favorite things: The uniqueness of Venice, the Murano Glass tour, lunch on Torcello, the magical gondola ride with singer, the Roman amphitheatre in Verona, the fabulous stay in Bellagio, the amazing lunch during the Lake Como boat tour with musical accompaniment from the upstairs window, interesting and engaging travel companions and the generous, kind, and helpful locals wherever we went.

We had awesome tour guides -- Ben and Ludo: friendly, knowledgeable, organized, helpful, fun, enthusiastic, reliable. We really enjoyed their company and would travel with them again anytime!  In each location we enjoyed the expertise of extremely qualified local guides who had an incredible interest in sharing the stories of their history, culture, and way of life.

Karen Milburn & Bonnie McEachern, Northern Italy, October 2022

Northern Italy 2022 travelers

Your attention to detail is what we find so impressive, which certainly would please new travelers or well-seasoned travelers.
Every hotel was clean, spacious and the beds were great!

Waking up to such a beautiful view of Lake Como was such a gift. Just stunning. The setting of the hotel’s dining room was equally as stunning.
Torcello was a favorite stop. The tortellini restaurant was amazing. Watching tortellini being made and trying to form our own was so much fun.

Our group guides, Ludo and Ben, worked so well together. They were attentive to everyone's needs and enjoyed the trip along with us. We were so impressed with the local guides. What knowledge. And dear Franklin, who took us to find my grandfather's house in Casala, was as excited as we were when we found it.

Patt and Bob Roseman, Northern Italy, October 2022

Northern Italy travelers 2022

A perfect blend of food, culture, history, scenery and FUN!

The groups are kept small so you can ask questions and converse with the local guides, who were all excellent, easy-to understand and interesting to talk with. We toured the Cathedral at St. Marks, relaxed with music and gondolas in Venice, toured the Roman amphitheater in Verona, savored the local wines of Soave and made tortellini in Valeggio. We enjoyed a private boat tour of Lake Como and a guided tour of the gardens of Villa Carlotta.

Ben and Freya were perfect hosts! Always cheerfully keeping us on schedule and answering questions or even helping us find or visit things outside our itinerary. They kept us on track, but also were clearly enjoying the trip with us. I often forgot they were "working," as they seemed to be having so much fun along with us. I had a few conversations with Ben about Italian politics, the pandemic, or other non-tour things about which I was curious. He was very informative and interesting to talk with.

I loved the food, but I also loved that it wasn't all just about food. I loved the historical sites, and the well-organized tours of the most popular Cathedrals.  The cross-section of experiences could not have been more perfect.

Deborah Parsons, Northern Italy, May 2022

Northern Italy Past Travelers

As always, Tuscany Tours excels in providing excellent informative and historical tours in a very relaxed and entertaining environment.  In Venice we sailed the canals on our own private gondolas - enchanted by the scenery - and particularly by the delightful voice of our own opera singer.

Verona proved to be magical - including our hotel adjacent to Juliette’s balcony where hundreds continue to post letters to the famous young woman. In the early evening, the courtyard is cordoned off for our exclusive use and the romance flares as we gaze upon her statue across below our own balconies. And who could fault private breakfasts served in our rooms daily?

There’s so much more to enjoy about this tour—however just these two memories alone will remain in my heart forever.

Gerry and Carole Hogervorst, Northern Italy, May 2018

Northern Italy was fabulous. Venice and Lake Como were so different than most of the places I have been on three other trips with Tuscany Tours. As always, our food and wine were wonderful as were our hosts, Pam and Fede, who are so accommodating and fun! Our water stroll in gondolas in Venice was unique, particularly with the beautiful voice of  Beatriz, who had given us a concert earlier, echoing off the buildings. Folks on the bridges stopped to listen to her!

Sharon Pardue, Northern Italy, May 2018

The tour was absolutely fabulous!!  I loved Bellagio, perfect size without being a big city.  The cobblestone streets and the shops were so much fun to duck in and out of. I loved our hotel with the beautiful views of Lake Como ….Ahhh, The food was great everywhere we went and it was such a nice size group to be able to visit with in such a gorgeous setting!  Bellagio was definitely my favorite place, I could just go and stay there for three weeks!  Thank y'all for the sweet gift you gave us with our last supper!  I am going to hang my beautiful wine stopper on my Christmas tree.  The entire tour was A+++

Barbara Ingram, Northern Italy, September 2017

What a wonderful journey!!  We loved it and were so happy with our traveling companions.  And with Corrine, Marina and Sara the “Cheese Lady,” too.  You two went out of your way to help Pattie enjoy the week, and enjoy she did!  THANK YOU from both of us!

George & Pat Emery, Northern Italy, September 2017

Our trip to Northern Italy was our 3rd trip with Tuscany Tours and each one gets better than the last. We are already planning our next TWO trips with Tuscany Tours and will continue to go until we are completely broke or our kids put us in a nursing home, whichever comes first.

Greg & Gwen Brandon, Northern Italy, May 2017

This was just a magical trip. I had been raving to Linda how wonderful the trips are with Tuscany Tours, you did not let us down. Linda is hooked. The places we visited were great, the tour guides were magnificent, the accommodations were excellent.

Thomas Hernandez & Linda Hess, Northern Italy, May 2017

One of the best parts of the trip was how well organized the tour was and how easy it was for us to enjoy Italy. At the last, we had limited time to make our train, and Pam showed great concern and escorted us directly to our train, enabling us to travel onward to Rome without missing our connection. We truly appreciate the extra effort she made on our behalf.

Ed & Ruth Feinberg, Northern Italy, May 2016

We’d been to Italy several times before finally finding Tuscany Tours, but now we really feel like we’ve seen Italy up close and personal with two very special guides, Pam and Sam.  You will not be disappointed in booking one of their tours as you will find yourself touring and dining at places you would never find with a generic tour group.   You will return home with memories and new friendships and with the dilemma of what tour to choose next.  What a great problem to have!!!

Ken & Paulette Salemi, Northern Italy, May 2016

Immersion Journeys in Italy, France and Spain
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