Immersion Journeys in Italy, France and Spain

The Florentine Renaissance Tour Overview

Have a look at the picture just above.  It's Adam seated on the clouds in the Afterlife.  He's deeply engaged is listening to what the serpent has to say.  Yes, the pretty serpent with the flaming red hair.  He holds his young son tenderly and protectively.  Yet, oddly enough, his son has the same flaming red hair as the serpent lady, which suggests...  Oh, did you somehow miss this image on your last trip to Florence?

If you've ever been touched by the beauty and mystery of Renaissance painting and sculpture—and wished you could really immerse yourself in it, The Florentine Renaissance Tour is a 9-day trip that has been designed just for you.

The first half of the tour will be based in Florence at the elegant Hotel Pierre which offers us a comfy, onsite conference room for viewing slides before our excursions.  Our relaxed workshop format will blend onsite visits with ample opportunities to discuss what you’re seeing and to share your insights and experiences.

If you’ve been on The Best of Tuscany Tour with us, this return visit to Florence will give you a chance to explore some of the amazing places that you didn’t get to see on that earlier trip: the Brancacci Chapel, the San Marco Monastery, Orsanmichele, Santa Maria Novella, the Florence Baptistery...

For the second portion of our tour we’ll be based in Cortona at the Villa Marsili (rated last year as #2 Favorite among Trip Advisor Readers’ for Italy Luxury Hotels).

From Cortona we’ll make excursions to the nearby towns of Arezzo, Monterchi and Sansepolcro: landmark stops along the famous “Piero della Francesca Trail.”

In addition to feeding our souls, we’ll be including fabulous daily meals featuring regional specialties accompanied by great Tuscan wines. With any luck we’ll be able to talk Alba into making her wild-boar lasagna when we have lunch with her and Claudio at the Poggio Molina winery!

The Renaissance of Imagination       by Sam Hilt

The paperback version with color photos is available on Amazon for $16.95 at this link.

The Kindle version with color photos is available on Amazon for $9.95 at this link.

You definitely don't need to read the book before coming on the tour.  (But it wouldn't hurt...)


Immersion Journeys in Italy, France and Spain
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