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Our guide, Lior, in Florence
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Our guide, Lior, in Florence

The Geniuses of the Roman Baroque

Explore the works of Caravaggio, Bernini, and the contributions of other Baroque masters

Speaker: Lior Aviv
Date: Sunday, January 24
Time: 3:00 PM Eastern / 12:00 PM Pacific
Delivery: Live via Zoom 
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The Geniuses of the Roman Baroque

There is no doubt that Caravaggio and Bernini stand out first and foremost among the artists of Roman Baroque period, roughly from 1600 to the late 18th century. Yet alongside those geniuses, there were other great artists that we hear little about. Artists like Alessandro Algardi, Borromini, Guido Reni, and Artemisia Gentileschi were often overshadowed by the more well-known artists.

Baroque art is typically characterized by great drama, rich, deep color, and intense light and dark shadows. As opposed to Renaissance art, which usually showed the moment before an event took place, Baroque artists chose the most dramatic point, the moment when the action was occurring. Baroque art was meant to evoke emotion and passion instead of the calm rationality that had been prized during the Renaissance.

This talk looks at works by Caravaggio and Bernini but does not forget the great contribution of these other very important Baroque masters.


Speaker Bio

Lior Florence Italy Duomo

Lior Aviv
Hi there and welcome. My name is Lior and thank you for joining my lecture.

Though I have graduated in art history (M.A. Dean's Honors), working now on my PhD and am an authorized tour guide for Florence working with Tuscany Tours, I consider myself to be less a supplier of information and more a reminder.  During our talk, we will remind ourselves how to see and feel art.  We will do that not only through knowledge, facts and anecdotes, but also through our hearts and minds.

Rediscovering this gift which is always within us will ensure that when you leave the beauty of Florence behind, you will take with you the beauty you have found within yourself and continue discovering beauty throughout the world.

You can meet Lior in person when you travel with Tuscany Tours - either in a small group or via customized independent travel!

Other Info

Audience:  Suitable for all audiences

Duration:  about 90 minutes

Time zones:

• US East Coast:  3:00 PM
• US Central Time:  2:00 PM
• US Mountain Time:  1:00 PM
• US West Coast:  12:00 PM
• Italy Time:  9:00 PM


Immersion Journeys in Italy, France and Spain
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