Immersion Journeys in Italy, France and Spain

Bring Italy Home Video Collection

“The power of friends, food and love just keeps going and going.”

- Anna Marie Finarelli (Tuscany Tours Traveler)

Listen as Pam describes our wonderful new video collection.

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Italy Heart Grazie de Cuore

Over the course of 20+ years of traveling and living in Italy, France and Spain, we have made an abundance of friends and created an amazing community for our travelers to step into.

In this time of physical distancing, social connection is more important than ever. So, we’ve put together a series of videos to help connect you to our friends all up and down the boot of Italy (and some from France and Spain too!). There are chefs, musicians, guides and winery owners.

We hope that you may learn something new from these online experiences, we hope the music will transport you to Florence and Palermo and most of all, we hope that being in the homes of our friends -- some of whom you know -- will give you a sense of being connected to the Tuscany Tours Family and to Italy, France and Spain. We hope this connection may bring you some joy during your days at home and afterwards.

Find out who you'll meet - check out the trailers below...

Here's a preview of Salvatore at Castello delle Serre.

Food and Wine Video Collection

This collection includes:

  • Alba Teaches You How to Make Bechamel With Olive Oil
  • Alessandro and His New Baby Tell You About Mt. Etna Wines
  • Alessandro Makes Gin on Mt. Etna
  • Cooking with Giuseppina and Her Family
  • Love in a Tuscan Kitchen - Cooking with Sheryl and Vincenzo
  • Paolo From Piemonte Asks What We Need To Survive the Times - PASTA AND WINE
  • Toni Tells You About One of the Most Favorite Tuscany Ingredients - Cinghiale

History and Culture Video Collection

This collection includes:

  • Chiara Creates Cosmetics from an Ancient Recipe
  • Jackie Takes You Into Monreale from Her Living Room
  • Javier and the Sagrada Familia
  • Lior Takes You on a Virtual Walk of Florence
  • Lucia and The Greek Theatre in Siracusa
  • Marcantonio Talks About the Sicilian Language
  • Meet Pier Luigi Olla
  • Salvatore Tells You the Story of the Tower of Castello Delle Serre
  • Sam and the Panel Competition
  • Who's that Girl - Fede and her Family Teach You Some Italian

Music Video Collection

This collection includes:

  • Alessio Plays Abballati
  • Antonio Sings Napule e
  • Beatriz and Guido Sing for You in Their Apartment on the Arno
  • Come Along to Giuseppe's Apartment in Minori
  • Valentina and Angelo Sing for You in Palermo
  • Visit Angelo While He Makes His Flutes

Un Saluto – A Hello Video Collection

This collection includes:

  • Anna Maria's View of Lake Como
  • Buongiorno from Gaetano and Family in Tramonte
  • Micaela Introduces You to Mt. Etna
  • Visit Salvatore from Ravello at Home with His Family
  • Un Saluto Da Biagio e Famiglia a Ravello
  • Visit the Heavens with Chiara in Siena

The entire collection is being offered at $75 and we hope you will join us!

Immersion Journeys in Italy, France and Spain
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