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Wine, Truffles & Olive Oil in Istria, Croatia - Tour Overview

Wine and truffles in Istria – a beautiful combination on the most beautiful coast of the Mediterranean! Travel with us to Croatia and one of the first to discover this new wine country. With a fantastic food tradition, nature that can compete with Tuscany and exciting wine producers, we promise that this trip will be something extra. An experience beyond the ordinary!

The Croatian peninsula of Istria is an Epicurean paradise and a perfect destination for food and wine travel. Here you can enjoy everything from truffles to fresh oysters, and of course an interesting selection of fine wines hard to encounter outside of Croatia. The short distances between picturesque hilltop villages and historical coastal towns offer a varied scenery and many photo opportunities.

Istria is a sunbathing paradise. The water is crystal clear, with small islands, bays and headlands to discover. The scenery is stunningly beautiful, both the dramatic coast and inland with its pine trees, cypresses, and olive trees. This is the Mediterranean at its best.

In this environment, of course, vines also thrive and the Croatian wine in Istria has in recent years developed into something to be experienced. The old traditional ways of making wine are still there, but some modern thinking, which benefits the quality, has made its entrance. This combination of old and new is exciting and we discover a style of wine that we are not used to. And we learn about new grape varieties such as Teran, Refosk and Malvazija (or Malvasia, Malvasija, Malvasija Istriana…).

But it is not just beautiful scenery and good wines that Istria offers. The culinary treasures deserve their own journey. Delights from the sea; oysters, scallops, octopus, spider crabs and other seafood – is something we will enjoy during the trip.

The olive oil and the air-dried ham are high-quality, and the truffle is at its best at this time of year. Young, ambitious chefs make use of all the great ingredients available and combine new and old, traditional recipes. There are plenty of top-quality restaurants.

We want you to discover the most interesting wine producers in each region and combine small family producers with more well-known names. This tour is designed in the Slow Travel tradition with time to meet with wine makers and personal explorations at your destination. Come along with us!

Immersion Journeys in Italy, France and Spain
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