Why Travel With Us

We offer tours in Italy designed for independent travelers who want:

Time to Savor the Unexpected

Time to savor the experience of Renaissance cities, time to turn down an intriguing alley and end up in an unexpected place.

Immersion in Italy

Italy is a way of life. When you travel with us, you will be immersed in the local way of life and become a part of the local landscape. You will meet winemakers, vineyard managers and family restaurateurs. You will eat in elegant restaurants as well as small, out-of-the-way trattorias where no one speaks English. You'll have the chance to sample wine and cheese made in the villages and not exported to the United States.

Montalcino Fortress Remo Pouring Oil Festa Band Performing

Unique Lodging

For each tour we choose our Italian "home away from home" based on where we love to stay. We search for villas, castles, farmhouses and hotels that have style and beauty, a breathtaking view or an ideal location. We stay in places where the rooms evoke the Italian home style, walls of subtle color, beautiful fabric and crisp linens.

Tornabuoni Hotel Terrace Crete Villa Bedroom

Just the Right Balance of History, Shopping, Art, Cuisine and FUN!

We have been leading successful tours for 10 years and we know that people want and need a balance of activities, including some time to rest between activities! Many of our clients comment that we have a perfect blend of time spent site-seeing, shopping and visiting museums. There is also ample free time for those who want to explore on their own.

Just enough background on Renaissance history, art, and religion to make things interesting and accessible

We meet and talk before going to museums and galleries, and we often discuss afterwards. When we're on location, your guides are always available for questions. But, as much as possible, we avoid lecturing at you in front of paintings. Your experience is your own creation.

Duomo Side View Pinturichio Fresco Siena Neighborhood Village Church

Small Groups

We keep our groups small: fourteen people is the maximum for each tour. This allows us to move about easily and unobtrusively, and to eat and stay where we choose. We avoid the commercialized traps which await large tour groups.

Minimum Packing and Unpacking

We design our tours based on short excursions from one or two primary locations and, in this way, we minimize the amount of transit time and the headaches of packing and unpacking.

  • We are free to adjust our schedule for miracles and opportunities.
  • Our tours attract people who are interested in acquiring new knowledge, who appreciate fine food, have the sense of humor required for traveling, and like a good adventure.
  • Book with us, travel with US. When you book with us, you know who your tour escorts will be! While we do use local guides for some of our daily excursions, we personally escort all of our tours.

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