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Basilica di S.M. Novella
Which of the following statements best describes your own views or preferences?
(Answers will follow below. No peeking!)

Question 1

  1. When I travel, I like to balance my time ideally between looking at art, having interesting conversations, exploring new towns, experiencing good food, and enjoying natural beauty.
  2. I really like the food and wine and nightlife, and you can keep the art and the trees.
  3. I like to find wilderness areas when I travel and mostly spend my time backpacking and sketching in the open air.

Question 2

  1. I like a balanced mix of structured time as a group and free time on my own.
  2. I like to have my days completely planned out for me with every minute filled.
  3. I like to be left to myself and don't want to be told what to see or where to go.

Question 3

  1. Before I go off to look at unfamiliar paintings, I would enjoy learning something about the art and the artists that will help me appreciate what I see. It would be great to have knowledgeable guides available for questions that I may have as I explore.
  2. When I go to a museum, I like to have an expert take me only to the important stuff and tell me quickly why it's important
  3. I make up my own mind when I go to look at art, and I don't like to be burdened with a lot of extraneous information.

Question 4

  1. I would enjoy sharing about half my meals with the group at restaurants that our guides have carefully chosen.
  2. I expect all my meals to be included. I don't want to have to find a restaurant on my own.
  3. I don't like anyone telling me where or when to eat. Pizza in my room is just fine, thank you.

Rosso Fiorentino's Cherub

Question 5

  1. I like to stay in comfortable, quiet hotels that have a sense of style and personality.
  2. I love big, modern hotels with all the luxuries like the Holiday Inn Deluxe near the airport.
  3. I like to stay at the homes of people I meet when I'm hitchhiking around.

Question 6

  1. I have a sense of humor, at least on good days.
  2. I have a sense of foreboding most of the time.
  3. I have a sense of the overall futility of things all the time.

And, now, for the ANSWERS!!!

If you picked item "a" for most of the above questions, you'll be right at home on a Tuscany Tours adventure!