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Face statue at Pompeii

Pompeii and the Archaeological Museum of Naples

Explore the daily life in this Roman town - before and after the eruption of Vesuvius

Speaker: Fiorella Squillante
Date: Sunday, February 14
Time: 3:00 PM Eastern / 12:00 PM Pacific
Delivery: Live via Zoom 
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Pompeii and the Archaeological Museum of Naples

Pompeii is today, the most important open-air museum in the world. It was buried under a layer of volcanic ashes in the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D. Our expert will provide you with a detailed description of daily life in a Roman town.

The Archaeological Museum is one of the most important archaeological museums in Europe. The Renaissance-style palace houses frescoes, mosaics, statues, papyri and utensils discovered in the Vesuvian area (Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabiae). Among its main collections, the Egyptian rooms and the secret cabinet, which shows about 250 erotic objects, reminding us of those infamous popular Roman pastimes.

This virtual tour will focus on the archaeological area of Pompeii. It will also include the artifacts discovered there and in the Vesuvian sites on display at the Archaeological Museum in Naples.

Note: there may be some suggestive artwork included in this presentation (as was known to cover the walls of villas in Pompeii)

Speaker Bio

Fiorella, guide on the Amalfi Coast

Fiorella Squillante

I specialized in the art, history and culture of my hometown Naples. I studied modern languages with modern art and I have worked closely with the museums in Naples, the Friends of Museums from Abroad and as an educational consultant and a tour guide for many years. I love writing about my city and have written a guide to Neapolitan art and architecture called Naples in 3 Days and articles about Naples and Campania. My love for Naples art, food and why not….its fabulous craziness means there isn’t a corner of the city I haven’t visited.

You can meet Fiorella in person when you travel with Tuscany Tours - either in a small group or via customized independent travel!

Other Info

Audience:  Suitable for all audiences

Duration:  about 90 minutes

Time zones:

• US East Coast:  3:00 PM
• US Central Time:  2:00 PM
• US Mountain Time:  1:00 PM
• US West Coast:  12:00 PM
• Italy Time:  9:00 PM


Immersion Journeys in Italy, France and Spain
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