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Garganelli all’arrabbiata
Rigagnocchi for garganelli pasta making
Garganelli pasta
Guiseppina Online Cooking

Garganelli all’arrabbiata


Join us for an Italian cooking session so that we may Bring Italy Home and share the tastes of Tuscany with you - wherever you are!

Hosts: Chef Giuseppina & Family
Date: Saturday, February 27
Time: 1:00 PM Eastern / 10:00 AM Pacific
Delivery: Live Zoom Event
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(Cost is per screen; max 10 screens; 2 ppl per screen)


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Join Chef Giuseppina and her family for her take on another classic of Roman cuisine. Garganelli all’arrabbiata is a pasta dish prepared with a fiery hot sauce made with tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, and red chili peppers. As the Italian word arrabbiata literally means angry, this meal is often mistranslated as angry pasta.  The name actually refers to the pasta’s intense, spicy sauce, which packs such a punch that it can easily make you red in the face.  (

Click HERE  for a preview of the grocery and equipment list for this dish.  You will receive the recipes upon confirmation of your registration for the class.  Be sure to read through the recipes before class so that you can check your pantry and refrigerator for ingredients.  Some ingredients may need to be ordered online.

We’re so happy that we can Bring Italy Home and share authentic Italian dishes with you - wherever you are!

Speaker Bio

Giuseppina and Family

Simone, Giuseppina, Antonella & Luca


Giuseppina never attended any Tuscany cooking school – although she opened one! She learned to cook from her Sicilian mother and aunt, and refined her culinary skills working in restaurants throughout Tuscany expanding her repertoire to include an extensive array of regional cuisines.  She cooked for the UK band “The Stereophonics” and rock musician Beck while he was touring in Italy.  In June, she cooked the medieval dinner of the town of Certaldo with over 500 people.

Giuseppina’s son Simone has a genuine passion for all Italian tradition and folklore. By earning a degree in philosophy from the University of Siena, he has learned that food has always played an integral part in Italian culture. He has dreams to one day become a farmer and grow his own ingredients.  He immensely enjoys cooking. He has been helping Giuseppina in the kitchen from a very young age and has traveled to the United States to aid her in preparing meals.

Luca, Giuseppina’s youngest son, has studied in Siena and Florence for over ten years, earning a degree at the University of Florence in enology and viticulture. Through his varied experiences he has developed a deep appreciation and understanding of Tuscan wines. He has participated in all stages of wine production in many prestigious Tuscan and North-East wineries and also assists at the small winery of Giuseppina’s brother, Stefano, during the grape harvest.

Antonella, Simone’s wife, was born and grew up in the hot and welcoming south of Italy, until she left to study in the University of Siena. She is in love with Simone, Tuscany and the beauty and tradition of this region.

You can cook with Chef Giuseppina and family in Tuscany on your next trip to Italy.  For more information, see our custom travel planning services.

Other Info

Audience:  Suitable for everyone

Duration:  about 1.5-2 hours

Attendance:  limited to a maximum of 10 screens (up to 2 people per screen please)

Time zones:

• US East Coast:  1:00 PM
• US Central Time:  12:00 PM
• US Mountain Time:  11:00 AM
• US West Coast:  10:00 AM
• Italy Time:  8:00 PM

This is a LIVE event.  There is no cancellation refund available.

To join this Live Zoom event:

You will receive access to the Zoom link upon confirmation of your purchase.
We encourage you to log on 15 minutes before the start time to get settled!

Immersion Journeys in Italy, France and Spain
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