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The Florentine Renaissance Tour -
Past Travelers' Comments

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Here is some feedback from past travelers on the Florentine Renaissance Tour:

Our Florentine Renaissance Tour with Tuscany Tours was an experience we shall forever treasure. Pam and Sam Hilt are guides of exceptional quality and they made sure our tour was fabulous each and every step of the way. This trip was in celebration of our 50th Anniversary and it was simply perfect. Their attention to detail is flawless.

This is an art, food, and wine tour and we enjoyed every component! We experienced the incredible works of the masters of Renaissance Art and the stunning architecture of the cathedrals. Sam is a gifted teacher and he explains the art and the history surrounding it with expertise and an ability for all to understand and appreciate. Perhaps the two masterpieces that most stood out to me were the works of Michelangelo's "Pieta" and Donatello's carving of the penitent Mary Magdalene. Sam introduced us to these masterpieces and their beauty brought me to tears.

The tour was a celebration of food and wine. We experienced incredible Italian food and wine throughout the tour. However, my favorite was our afternoon spent at Poggio Molina. The food was amazing and everything we ate or drank came from the estate itself. This is, perhaps, one of the most beautiful places on earth.

While we met our group for the very first time the evening our tour began, it was not long before we all felt as if we had been friends for a very long time. For us, the pace of the trip was perfect. There was structured time to tour and there was time to reflect and enjoy at our own pace.

Pam is such a professional and she makes one feel welcome and treasured. I liked that our focus was Florence and Cortona (with side trips to Monterchi, Sansepolcro, and Arezzo). We stayed in two wonderful hotels which was lovely because we were not packing and moving every couple of days. This tour was a wonderful celebration from beginning to end. Don't miss it! It was a fantastic gift to ourselves and we are forever grateful to have had the experience of traveling with Tuscany Tours.

Colleen and Steve Coram —  March, 2018

Their enthusiasm, flexibility and attention to detail helped make the trip special. Kudos to Pam for making everything go so smoothly and for being attentive to everyone. Our second guide, Toni, a food and wine aficionado, was also outstanding. Her knowledge of Italian cuisine and its regional variations was enlightening and her enthusiasm unbounded. It was fun to have a guide so much in love with Italy! We look forward to traveling with Tuscany Tours again….
Hugo & Anna Marie Finarelli – September 2015

Pam, Sam, and company make any trip simply amazing! It’s no wonder Tuscany Tourists leave yearning to return and spend more time with Pam and Sam discovering new adventures.
John & Brenda Morris - October 2014

Immersion Journeys in Italy, France and Spain
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